Monday, 26 December 2011

Go For Embroidered Kurtis For A Trendy, Yet That Quintessentially Indian Look!

Since medieval ages, the Kurti has been one of the most popular forms of women attire, originating from the Northern and the Western segments of India. With embroidery as one of the richest gifts of traditional handloom to the ferment industry of India, embroidered kurtis soon turned a major preference of every contemporary Indian household.

Amongst all Indian embroidered garments available in markets across the country, Kurtis have come out as the most usable and affordable primary ladies garments that can be brought online at really competitive prices.

These kurtis are superior in terms of comfort and elegance, and durable with colors and material. Embroidery on kurtis varies from chikan to kantha to dabka to zari and zardosi. Most of the kurtis stitched out for the summers comprise chikan embroidery in rather toned down and ornate color compositions. An online access to Indian traditional garment collections will stock you up with a wide assortment of these garments!

Endless option that are easily available over the internet makes it impossible to resist buying Indian Embroidered Kurtis online. The rich embroidery work that we yearn for on Kurtis, varies from one state to another. The patterns and the colors alter with the terrain, and so does the craftsmanship. Amongst the few common patterns of embroidery is the floral pattern, which involves the use of satin stitches with threads of silk and colorful and high-grade cotton.

The Kashmiri embroidery work is famous for its intricate patterns that evolve as concentric layers on the garment. From Punjab comes the Phulkari embroidery, one of the most popular for Kurtis, a garment that actually originates from the same state. The use of floral motifs in this form of embroidery adds the naturalistic and earthly appeal to these garments.

Chikankari embroidery is essentially a vintage form of rich embroidery work, originating from the Nawabs of Lucknow, and involves the formation of a superfine mesh with a white or a colorless thread for garments, perfect for both formal and informal ladies wear. Each and every kind of embroidery work can be opted for and decided upon after sufficient enquiry, as we decide to purchase these coveted Kurtis online.

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